Hola, I'm Juan!

I'm a Creator, Executive, and Founder. My life's passion is helping organizations and individuals discover their purpose by amplifying their impact through innovation and technology. I believe everyone has the spark of inspiration within themselves. I want to help you discover and unlock yours.

What is Juan.co?

This is my personal website and blog. I write about business and technology, the creative economy, public policy, and culture. Opinions and perspectives here are my own, but you will also find useful and practical ideas for thriving in our radically connected world. 

I share lessons learned from a career that spans decades doing things like:

  • helped save one of the last dot-com consultancies
  • created the original hyperfantasy and built a thriving community
  • led the legendary digital consultancy that pioneered technology in politics
  • served as software's chief executive responsible for client experience
  • guided founders and investors to six major acquisitions
  • founded a management consultancy

Also, I enjoy imparting my love of:

  • building computers for work and play
  • hacking technology to simplify your life
  • playing games to form enduring connections


Email me at juan@juan.co and follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.