Juan González is the recognized innovator in the converge of community and creative technology. Founder and Managing Partner of Technocery, he has worked for decades as a technology executive helping organizations and individuals alike discover their purpose through the customers and communities they touch. From 2010 to 2015, he was Partner at EchoDitto, the legendary digital consultancy that pioneered the use of technology and social media to revolutionize political fundraising and reshape American politics. 

Subsequently, from 2015 to 2021, he served as leading customer success executive for the Vista Equity portfolio of companies, supported client, sales, product, and operational teams as Chief Customer Officer at Ipswitch and Carousel, and guided founders and investors to exceptional exits for their companies across six major mergers and acquisitions, creating billions of dollars in realized value. Earlier, as head of people mobility at Sapient, he oversaw international assignments and managed a globally distributed development model for thousands of technologists across the world, helping drive one of the sole surviving dot-com consultancies to unprecedented success in architecting our modern radically-connected economy.

Digital Native

As a child of mathematicians and programmers in the 1980s, Juan bore witness to the rise of computing through dial-up bulletin boards and proprietary online services. In 1989, he created the original hyperfantasy that would foster an online community of hundreds of thousands of writers, artists, and musicians collaborating to roleplay in his imaginary worlds. A lifelong gamer, Juan is an avid e-sports enthusiast and in the 1990s and 2000s found and lead competitive gaming organizations across massively-multiplayer online titles. 

Technologist tried and true, Juan builds computers and tinkers with devices to build a truly immersive digital ecosystem which he fondly calls his Robots. Perpetually an early-adopter on the bleeding edge, he was one of the first to "cut-the-cord" at the turn of the millennium and proudly broadcasts a weather station for hyper-local conditions.


Juan is a highly-sought and broadly-viewed public speaker. Dedicated to performance management, Juan works with equity portfolio companies, consults with leading public servants, and lectures quarterly at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government. A graduate of Dartmouth College, Juan holds a degree in History and Government and is a subject matter expert in game theory and grand strategy. Since 1997, he has been featured on ABC News, POLITICO, CRNtv, MSNBC, Electronic Gaming Monthly,, and Tech President. He is a passionate technology activist and avid futurist whose work on the disruption of our radically connected world is widely syndicated.